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An apple a day keeps the doctor away

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hey everybody I’m leaving for a month, see you soon xx

This tumblr makes fun of Anti-Feminists read this it's so cool

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C’est diablement bon  ! - 1968

Modigliani On Couch, 2013

“After the interview he let me take some photographs. In his kitchen I was amused to see that the cupboards were utterly bare aside from three products: a tin of baked beans, a carton of weight gain powder and a packet of Honey Nut Cheerios. Somehow I convinced him to pose with all three. As if meeting your idol wasn’t bizarre enough.”
-Johnny Dee (fanzine writer who still managed to spell Morrissey’s name wrong.)

Quand hier soir, c’était soirée cinéma avec

trop bien trop bien ♥
Gr8 mix by apple-plop
<a href=””>shark attack</a> by <a href=””>apple-plop</a>.

Quand ce soir, quels que soient les résultats APB et quelle qu’ait été l’épreuve d’espagnol, c’est fiesta paloosa de fin du Bac.

i thought my ear piercings had closed up but they decided to make an exception for these beautiful earrings from oyuvo

those earrings though